Ghoul Castle 3D - Action RPG


You can play the whole game for free now!

Ghoul Castle 3D is where the swords clash - imagine simplified Dark Souls on your phone. Explore and find a way out of the deep labyrinths of this forgotten place. Fight vampires, skeletons, giant spiders and other creatures of the underworld in close melee combat. Defeat the evil Duke, who’s possessed by the ancient curse.

Clean the castle from this heresy and free the lands from dark forces!

- First person or Third person view switch in real-time
- Atmospheric detailed environments
- Vast labyrinths to explore
- Intense melee head to head combat
- Oldschool gameplay just like famous retro shooters
- Upgrade your armour by progressing through levels
- Completely offline play any time anywhere!

The game supports the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Thai